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Heater and Air Conditioner Repair

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While getting a new heating and air-conditioning unit can seem like a great idea, sometimes what you really need is a repair. How to tell the difference isn't always easy. That's why at Rutherford Heating and Air, we'll explain what the situation is and advise the best course of action for you. Plus, since not everyone can meet from nine to five, we do offer scheduled appointments after hours and on weekends, if necessary, to people in the Rutherfordton and Spindale areas. The reason is we understand that losing heat or air can be a life-threatening situation, particularly for people who are elderly. Until a technician can arrive though, there are a few things that you might be able to do as you wait.

What to Do in a Heat or Air Conditioning Outage

There are some things you might be able to do until help arrives. They’re important to know because they can stop you from doing further damage to your equipment. A few things you can do in the wintertime when you lose heat, for instance includes...

  • Heat pumps need their thermostats changed to the ‘aux heat’ or ‘emergency’ setting.
  • Keep source of energy (gas fireplaces, electric heaters, kerosene heaters and wood for your wood burning fireplaces and stoves).
  • Also remember a tiny, but steady, stream of water in your sinks helps prevent pipe freezing.

As for summer and air conditioning repair, there are a few things you can do as well. Although you might have an air conditioning unit, don’t reply on it alone. Make sure to always keep electric fans handy. You should also drinking plenty of liquids (ideally it should be water), so you don't become dehydrated. Even hand fans can help you until techs arrives. The best advice is to just stay prepared.

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